A Poem Based on “The War of the Worlds” by Tiana Blackmore

A star shoots from the sky, Landing in a pigsty. The people gather round, What’s that ear inducing sound? The intricate stone rises and opens wide, Intrigued civilians don’t run and hide. BURST there are flames fire and fear, But why is the star attacking us here? It rises further up from the ground, The […]

The Protagonist’s Way Home | Short Story by Tiana Blackmore

I opened my eyes to a sky I didn’t recognise, you’d think that every sky would look the same, but it felt different somehow. My vision was fuzzy, and my hearing was muffled. As my vision cleared up, I heard voices calling out something, were they calling to me? “dren..Audren…Audren!” A woman’s voice called. They […]

“582” by Skye Poetker

The machine’s eye stared at him with dull judgement as one of the men in front of him was executed. “Prisoner…578” called out the ‘guard’ in between sips of wine. He could see pale movement in The Machines dark, semi-circle eye. “Prisoner 579” They had arrested him when he spoke out on corruption and had […]

The Sad Cat

He sat.He walked.He talked.He mocked.He gawked.He thought.He fought.He taught.He re-thought.He caught. He’s sad.