A star shoots from the sky,

Landing in a pigsty.

The people gather round,

What’s that ear inducing sound?

The intricate stone rises and opens wide,

Intrigued civilians don’t run and hide.

BURST there are flames fire and fear,

But why is the star attacking us here?

It rises further up from the ground,

The creature is huge it’s no longer round.

The townspeople scatter,

The city’s in tatters!

Invasion invasion invasion invasion!

Everyone needs warned the people the nation!

There’s nowhere to hide fight run,

Our time here is done it’s done it’s done!

Left and right there’s chaos, there’s chaos!

Within short time we’ll all be squashed!

We call for help but who can answer?

The creature, the criminals, the cripples with cancer?

What do we do in this unending disaster,

We’re lost we’re lost and the creature moves faster!

Our time grows short!

Abort abort!

We remain trapped,

An everlasting snack!…

I stand amidst the destruction and panic,

The people are running ever so frantic.

There’s no escape from the fate we’re presented with,

So why run, let’s enjoy every second of it.

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